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Arabic Course

(7-19 years Old)

About the Arabic course:

  • Arabic course for youth and teens encompasses all aspects of the Arabic Language, while keeping the learning fun and exciting for children to learn Arabic. 
  • In this course, they will learn to write, read, and develop the literacy skills in the Arabic Language as well as understanding.
  • At Future Skill we have specialized programs and curriculum that perfectly meet your child’s needs to master and deepen the Arabic language in its splendor.
  • This course teaches correct pronunciation of the alphabet and word formation with interesting skill and intelligence development games such as the memory game, and spelling exercises.
  • To make learning easy, fun, and interactive, the course features various exercises and stories to improve children’s vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency and help them develop their language skills.
  • Well-trained and experienced tutors are the most crucial feature that we offer. Our certified native Arab tutors convey Arabic lessons in the best interactive, joyful, and easiest way to the students.
  • The following features:

    • Learning with Engagement
    • Trained & Experienced Staff
    • Real-time Monitoring
    • Child-friendly Ambience
    • Report on student performance
    • Certificate of achievement