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Etiquette & Personal Development

Socially Savvy

The contemporary multi-cultural environment we live in combined with the increasing demands of a modern lifestyle demand the return to traditional values and appreciation of good manners.

We provide the highest quality Etiquette and lifestyle programs dynamic, interactive to enhance and improve social, dining and communication skills and behaviors.



Social Etiquette

  • Life style and general behaviors.
  • The art of inviting and setting the mood.

Table Etiquette

  • Fine Dining Etiquette.
  • The art of dressing the table for different occasions.
  • Tea Etiquette.

Home Management

  • Service rules.
  • Dressing the table for daily different meals in different places.
  • Major guidelines on cleaning and organizing home.
  • The family budget, maintaining and controlling home stock of.
  • Your small guide to ideal closet.
  • Manage your personnel.

Designed for: Ladies looking to have the ideal house.

Wedding Etiquette

  • Become a perfect house wife.
  • Bridal Etiquette.
  • Getting ready for the wedding day including a choreography for walking the isle.
  • Getting ready for the honey moon, travelling with grace.

Designed for: Brides and Grooms.

Styling Program

  • The power of illusion.
  • The magic and power of colors.
  • Dress code.
  • Fashion tips.
  • How to develop your own personal style.
  • Shopping tips.
  • The grooming and makeup Etiquette.

UAE Etiquette & Customs

  • Emirati Etiquette.
  • Majlis Etiquette.
  • Al sina’a wol Zaraba.

Designed for: Ladies & Gentlemen from all ages wishing to enhance their social skills.

Introduction to interior design & Skills for home décor

  • Interior style.
  • Secret of colors.
  • Textiles and materials.
  • Home accessories.
  • Planning interior space.
  • Create your dream home.

From back pack to briefcase: from 19 to 25 years old

The course content is divided by age to facilitate the best learning outcomes based on the child’s developments stage.

The difference in content are in:

  • Case studies ( 95% of the case studies are different between the genius and the little genius programs ).
  • Level of classroom discussion ( children are grouped based on their ages ).
  • Differences are based on children’s age, grade, level of comprehension, current global awareness, level of thinking and current confidence level.
  • Social Etiquette.
  • Writing resume.
  • Interviewing skills.

The grooming & makeup Etiquette.

  • Skin care & healthy habits
  • Type of skin
  • Complexion
  • Eyebrows
  • Day Makeup
  • Evening Makeup
  • Special occasion Makeup
  • Strong make up
  • The lips
  • Ombré lips