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Future Skill Winter Camp

Dec 12- Dec 30 (9:00AM-2:00PM)

Spark Your Creativity

Register your kids for Future Skill Winter Camp, which aims to develop children’s creativity and talents in a very warm and interactive ambiance.

Suitable activities to develop your children’s skills in the future, whether in Technology, Arts, Creativity, and many others in a distinctive atmosphere.

Your children can have fun and entertaining times and unleash their ideas and creativity.

A new way of learning English will start being offered soon and for the first time in UAE and the region. Under the name of:

Chess & English:

The benefits of the program are Concentration, memory, decision Making, verbal, interpersonal skills, and empathy.

Design Laboratory:

Ready to be active from October 2022, for more information contact us.

Arabic Course:

will be launched soon at Future Skill, and it is an interactive learning method to teach non-Arabic speakers and Arabic speakers the basics of Arabic language in writing, grammar, and comprehension in a very modern and attractive way.