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“The Corporate You” Business Etiquette Program

Learning the meaning and the importance of “THE COMMUNICATION”. Specifically, how to represent their workplace at their best. They are their corporate/ workplace “AMBASSADORS”.

What you'll learn

  • General attitude.
  • Interoffice relations with peer’s, staff & business partners.
  • Correspondence and Netiquette.
  • Meeting Etiquette.
  • Entertaining for business.
  • Customer service and dealing with customers.

Protocol & Governmental

  • Diplomatic Staff Behavioral Coaching.
  • Governmental – Senior levels.
  • High Profile Event Organization / Protocol Officers.
  • Public Sector Image Improvement.

Expatriate Etiquette

  • Introduction and general knowledge.
  • Cross cultural interaction.
  • Islamic tradition and calendar.

Train The Trainer

Becoming an Etiquette consultant is a dream career as you can turn your love to social graces, proper manners, refinement and class to an exciting new passion, stylish Etiquette coach.

The training is designed to provide the trainee with skills, information and practical experience to become effective etiquette coach.